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I didn’t feel good at school today when I when home I took my temperature and I have a fever of 133 I took pills and have an ice pack I feel a little better right now I’m on the coutch watching the seven deadly sins anime
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Bubble rap looks like tolit paper READ DISCRIPTION
Cense we are moving we got a big thing of bubble rap and the big thing of bubble rap looks like a giant roll of tolit paper


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Libby Gomez
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I do stuff
I have glasses and
the things i'm in to are
South Park
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Bendy and the Ink Machine

Years before Twilight Sparkle was born StarBerst was born...not in Equestria she was born in a different country west from Equestria called Fantasia.

Fantasia never interacted with Equestria infact Fantasia and Equestria never knew that they existed, so they both lived in peace...for a whyle Fantasia was attacked by Leto (Le-toe) a citizen that thought he was nothing and got bullied he took over with powerful dark magic he easily defeated Queen Luforea (Lu-for-ea) the ruler of Fantasia. He put all of the ponies into slavery but before that StarBerst was born on April 11 as a pegasus and lived in a small village at the east edge of Fantasia with her mother,father,older brother,older sister,younger sister,aunt,grandma and grandpa. She had a birth defect where  her eye was a different color Than the ether one, and she was the only one that didn’t have a cutie mark at her age so she was bullied and, got called names, and sometimes she would come home crying she never told anyone about this she would always say that she fell down a tall hill her family believed her because she always told the truth. But one night she decided to fly her sorrows away. She was flying really fast for her age she flue down and flue up really fast it made a boom sound and she saw the stars start to fall, her hole family woke up and whent out to see what was going on. StarBerst whent up in a glowing ball of magic and came down she got her cutie mark it was a shooting star with the colors of her mane and discolored eye, her family was so proud of her, her mom said so what do you whant to call what you created StarBerst said  mabye a falling star sounds good to me her little sister said and on that day the falling star (shooting star) was created, but since the village was close to Equestria they saw it and caled it a shooting star. A couple years passed she wasn’t bullied that mutch anymore but still a little because of her eye but thats when Leto took over, her village was destroyed her mother toled her aunt to take her children someware far away to protect then and she did jest that, but StarBerst brother got caught but her aunt got StarBerst and her sisters away, her mom,dad,and brother were put into slavery and as for her grandparents they didn’t make it when Leto’s goons attacked, they died in the fire when StarBerst house caught on fire but StarBerst aunt got the smaller ones to safety she whent so far east she found her whay to Equestria. She walked all the way to ponyville and lived there StarBerst’s aunt rased her and her sisters, years past and StarBerst and her sisters grew up she became friends with the mane 6 year after year because she didn’t meat them all at once, when Twilight got her casel she decided to tell the mane six about her past she didn’t tell them because she didn’t think it was time to tell them untill now, they felt sorry for her and whanted to help so twilight contacted princess celestia.

To Be Continued

This backstory is not finished yet right now this is all I have


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